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Fighting and Preventing Tree Disease

Florida is blessed with some of the best weather anywhere on the planet and all of that sunshine allows plenty of trees to thrive in the area. Unfortunately though, there has been a recent outbreak of diseases in trees in the Tampa Bay region with the Hillsborough and Manatee counties considered the epicenter of this breakout.
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At Green Giant Tree Services, we have been carrying out tree pruning, tree cutting, stump removal, root removal, tree removal and more in St.Ptersburg Florida for many years now but the recent epidemic of diseased trees is unprecedented.

The most common tree disease that we witness in Florida is the Texas Phoenix Palm Decline (TPPD). A bacterium is responsible for this disease and it affects Florida’s favorite tree, the palm tree. Getting these TPPD treated can be very expensive and require the injection of antibiotics into the tree repeatedly.
The dead, decaying and drooping trees around the property can lead to a decline in the property value as well as form an unsightly eyesore, potentially spread the disease to other trees, give rise to pests and be unhealthy in general.

Another very common disease that we encounter in St.Petersburg, Florida is Anthracnose. It attacks a wide variety of trees and can either impact their leaves and blossoms or seep in deeper to affect the vascular system of the tree.

This tree disease is caused by a fungus which thrives in humid conditions, the likes of which we find abundantly in Florida, and can spread from diseased trees to healthy ones through wind and rain. Tree pruning, as well as the use of the proper fungicide spray for a few weeks, is important in fighting this particular tree disease.

The Importance of Tree Pruning In Fighting Disease

The best way to prevent the occurrence of tree diseases is to get the trees pruned regularly. We take pride in being the best tree servicing company in St.Petersburg, Fl and have an experienced staff of locals that are experts in tree maintenance.

A tree that is showing signs of disease can be saved if intervention is made at the earliest. Even if a tree removal service has to be perfomed, it will be beneficial to the other trees around the area thus limiting the spread of this disease.
Dead and rotting branches on trees are not only an eyesore but also a safety hazard. These branches can fall down on passing pedestrians, children playing in the yard or injure animals. They are also very quick to catch fire in the event of an event nearby.
Certain tree trunk diseases may not be treatable with just pruning and the entire tree, from its roots may have to be removed from the area to contain the situation.

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If you find that trees around your property or neighborhood are falling prey to diseases, rotting or even falling then give us a call. We provide the most efficient, timely service at affordable rates.