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The Importance of Trimming a Tree

As one of the premier tree service company in St.Petersburg, Florida, we often get asked why should people get their trees pruned or trimmed at all? Here is the simple answer, it promotes a health, safety, and beauty, all of which are essential when talking about structures in the close vicinity of your house.

The Importance of Trimming a Tree


Let’s start with something that is probably the most important reason of them all. A tree accumulates dead and rotting branches as it grows which continue to intertwine in each other. Not only are these branches a hazard for pedestrians or other people inside the yard, they are also a major fire hazard.

If there is a fire in the neighborhood then trees which have more of these dead branches are a lot more likely to catch fire than ones that have been pruned.
At Green Giant Tree Service, we are aware that trees in Florida are prone to many diseases and the importance of tree trimming to get rid of those dead branches thoroughly.


A tree which is devoting resources towards fighting pests and carrying dead weight is not going to be maximizing the use of available nutrients. Any tree that bears fruit will also gain a lot from tree pruning since the removal of dead branches will help promote the overall health of the tree.
Trees in Florida and particularly in St.Petersburg, FL are susceptible to Texas Phoenix Palm Decline, which attacks the most commonly used tree in Florida landscaping.
As the best tree trimming service in St.Petersburg, FL we are called upon daily for a variety of tree services such as tree cutting, stump removal, root removal and even tree removal. As one of the most affordable tree service company in St.Petersburg, FL we also consider it a shame that timely action is not taken often enough to save these trees from this fate.


You do not want rotting trees, unkempt trees or trees that block the view of your beautiful house outside your property. Not only is it an eyesore, it also affects the value of your property adversely. This is why it is recommended that people avail the services of a professional tree pruning company to be able to do the job in a manner that is just not possible by a ‘regular’ person.

It is necessary to have some basic knowledge about the kind of tree that is outside your property, the ideal branch length, recognizing which branches are growing quicker than the others and ensuring you don’t end up damaging the tree in the process.
Think of tree pruning like a haircut for the tree. It can make or break its entire personality.

The Best Tree Service in St.Petersburg, Florida

At Green Giant Tree Company, we take pride in being a local, family run company that aims to provide the most efficient, professional service at the most affordable cost. We have been servicing the area of St.Petersburg, Florida for many years and consider the relationships built with our customers invaluable.

Give us a call and find out how little getting your trees pruned actually costs.